Phillip McNally
Cadence Magazine Review for Jazz & Blues:

Kris Wanders Unit on “The Edges of Silence” (…might remind one of…) the European Free Jazz heyday. Wanders hails from Holland and was part of the 60’s scene, playing tenor with von Schlippenbach and The Globe Unity Orchestra.……this 5tet is playing energy music with a pair of roaring tenors…. I can’t tell Wanders from the other tenorist Andy Sugg, but they both have a Brotzmann like intensity. Which doesn’t mean they can’t play quiet, because they do, but it doesn’t mean they use silence sparingly and mainly for contrast with the hard blowing they do….

The Unit brings a strong sense of integrity to “On the Edges of Silence” . (the band…) are clearly not a bunch of youngsters imitating a 60’s rant,…… this sounds like it could have been recorded in the Chicago scene of Ken Vandermark.



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