Tom Sekowski

THE KRIS WANDERS UNIT - On the Edges of Silence

There isn't very much that I could tell you about saxophonist Kris Wanders. Other than the fact that he resides in Australia and has played with pianist Kees Hazevoet back in the 70's, to me he remains an utter mystery. One of the keys to unravelling that mystery is his new release "On the Edges of Silence". Deceptively titled, this CD is very far from any sort of silence that I have come to know. The quintet that Kris Wanders has assembled breathes fire, fury and put in all their energy into the pot to come up with a release that takes the listeners for a whirlwind ride. Guitarist Tom Fryer plays a steady rhythm and makes some attempts at break speed experiments, while drummer Ted Vining tackles his drums with equal amounts of grace and fury. There isn't really much room to breathe when the wind duo of Wanders on tenor and Andy Sugg on soprano and tenor get into the game. Their attack is a dense concoction that is as exciting as it is furious and mad. These two must have something to get pissed off about. [Either that, or they just want and need to make music that is enraged.] Four compositions we get on this release are rather long, giving all players ample room to stretch out. Whether you classify this music as improv or a furious jazz cook-out, "On the Edges of Silence" will reward you with each new listen. Consider this an anger management session you can't miss.



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