Alt.Music.3 Festival, Silo Theatre,
July 4, 2004

(Excerpt from:

"Lastly we were treated to something completely different. Veteran Dutch Aussie free jazz saxplayer Kris Wanders, his Aussie sidekick on sax and a specially imported Wellington rhythm section who'd only all met a few hours before. (I don't have definitive names for the three sidemen) From first blast of pure adrenalised, whiteheat acoustic noise we all knew we were in for a good, good time. Horns rasped and belted, a concatenation of burred frequencies, clashing and embracing, storming the parapets of London Bar Jazz, joined by nanoclusters of unexpected notes from the double bass and the most explosive, propulsive, unrelenting drumming I've ever had the pleasure to hear.

God knows how long it all went, we were all jaw-dropped hysterical at what these substantially acoustic objects were pushing at us. You shoulda heard the bass solo! You shoulda seen the bass solo!! They stopped briefly, Kris muttered something and they went into a second piece, totally unlike the first, more melodic but no less shattering, the drummer a sweaty mess, the second sax serene and calm, Kris all dark eyes and watchful intensity, belying the sonic storm created by his brass bell.

I was forced to admit that pure musicianship, that much-scorned ability, won the day. And the two Wellingtonians were hopelesly young, generations removed from the horn vets. Brilliant! Blatt at its finest."




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